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It Is common knowledge that the majority of door and car keys Have Been made from metal. In case you were not sure precisely what metal they were made of, or even how they were made, then you’re in luck! San Jose chose now we’d discuss this information with you.

Nearly All home keys are made out of a combination of nickel and nickel Silver, or brass. When most keys come in either silver or brownish coloring, they can be plated in various colors too. This plating will wear more than since it’s only a coating.

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When keys are fabricated, it’s in a system called a Mill. The process of the key being made itself is known as milling. Finally, the key, prior to being laser/cut to its unique pattern, is called a blank. During production, it is even possible to have an organization’s brand or logo embossed on the mind of the key.

Key barrels, cylinders and locks are manufactured in a similar fashion, in a Production machine known as a lathe. While we do not manufacture keys, for all your locksmith needs, you could call on assistance from us here at San Jose Locksmith. You can contact us anytime for a quote on an entire security system for your home. We even do Emergency Services if you lock yourself out of the house or car.

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