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Broken Key Extraction in San Jose.

A broken key in lock incident can occur at any time; however, in general, these events occur when the metal in a key breaks at a cut point somewhere along the edge. Signs of wear-and-tear in the metal and thin cracks or bends may alert owners to possible problems down the road.

Our Expertise

San Jose Locksmith operates to provide emergency key extraction services in San Jose, CA and areas around. If one of your keys breaks, we’ll send a mobile locksmith to you to extract the key, replace the key, and rekey the lock if necessary!

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We take great pride in our professional services as automotive, residential, and commercial locksmiths in San Jose. Each of our mobile locksmiths provide upfront price, coupled with fast and dependable locksmith service in the San Jose. When you call us, you will not find yourself waiting for a response for protracted periods of time. Our expert technicians make a point of answering service calls with a prompt 30 min response. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in order to serve you better.

Key Extraction for Residential Properties

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Key extraction becomes necessary in residential settings in many circumstances. Some of these common situations include:

a key breaks off in a door lock;
part of the key becomes wedged inside the lock, preventing the insertion of a new key;
a homeowner inserts a key into a lock, but cannot withdraw it;
a homeowner damages a lock attempting to extract a key and requires lock replacement and key removal.

As mobile locksmiths, we travel to your residence when one of these unfortunate events occurs. Our technicians will resolve the problem for you. We also perform key cutting, so if you require key replacement, we can complete that assignment. You will appreciate our fast and knowledgeable service.

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Commercial Key Extractions

Businesses also encounter a broken key in lock problem. In fact, this situation may prove very serious in the case of a commercial enterprise, since a portion of a key breaking off may prevent a door from closing secure, exposing the business to the risk of theft or trespassing. We perform the following professional services for businesses in this situation:

Removal of a broken portion of a key from the lock;
Lock rekey, if necessary;
Key cutting;
Key duplication;

We can also inspect your keys and point out any potential problems that we see if you have a concern about this issue.
Many businesses and institutions use a large number of keys to provide access to facilities such as lockers, locking desk drawers, and apartments. We provide locksmith services for these companies, as well as smaller enterprises.

Car Key Extraction

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We also assist customers who experience problems with automotive keys breaking in the car door, trunk, or ignition. Also, we service keys for all makes and models of vehicles, foreign or domestic. We can make spare keys and perform key duplication to assist owners in regaining access to an automobile if the key is lost or broken. We also help owners extract pieces of keys from foreign or domestic ignitions in all makes and models of vehicles. If you encounter a problem with a broken or bent key, call us to resolve this issue quick.

The next time you require the services of commercial, automotive, or residential locksmiths in San Jose who will answer calls with a fast 30 min response on an around-the-clock basis, think of San Jose Locksmith. Our professional, courteous, expert technicians can assist you fast and efficient. We perform a full range of key extraction services and also make spare keys and perform lock rekey. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our upfront pricing policies treat you fair. We serve the entire Greater San Jose Area. Request our locksmith service the next time you encounter a key problem and we will solve this issue for you quick at competitive prices!

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