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San Jose Locksmith is San Jose’s #1 locksmith and security firm for safe services We provide safe setup, safe sales, safe fix, safe opening, secure lockout help; and a number of other locksmith services for safes of all kinds. With over 25 years of experience in San Jose is an established company for affordable and trusted safe locksmith services.

Hence, safes have been in use since ancient times, although a lot people may know about safes from bank vaults and heist movies, safes perform a very helpful and practical role in our everyday lives.

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In commercial settings, companies from retail stores to Restaurants benefit from making protected and modern safes to maintain data, documents, cash, and other valuables protected from loss. By way of example, a lot of restaurants will use depository safes to permit workers working in shifts to lose money and other files for the manager to examine and collect. Just about all hotel rooms also have a tiny safe in each area, to protect guests from theft and limit liability. Besides, many offices will maintain private information and valuable client information in safes, commonly using safes UL two hours BF Fire rated to protect against data loss from fire.

Modern safes offer a range of locking systems for both security and ease of use. Older traditional safe designs may use a dial lock or key locking mechanism. Therefore, electronic safes can use key pads, finger print scanners, and other digital locking mechanisms. So, different designs offer different trade-offs between security, cost, fire rating, and ease of use.

San Jose Locksmith sells, serves, and installs all types of safes to clients all across San Jose. We offer home digital safes, hotel safes, depository safes; fire proof safes, burglary money management safes, gun safes, jewelry safes, data and media safes, wall safes, and more. Hence, San Jose sells safes from many well-known and trusted brands such as Gardall, AMSEC, Mesa and Sentry just to name a few.

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Also, we offer safe locksmith services all across San Jose, based out of our office and serving clients everywhere in San Jose. Contact San Jose Locksmith today to learn more about our safe sales, installation, and locksmith services.

Electronic Safes

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Electronic safes are a great burglary deterrent for both commercial and residential locations. They are easily yet securely accessed with either a keypad or a biometric electronic lock. Keypad locks provide faster entry and are easier to read than traditional dial locks. Besides, biometric Safes use fingerprint ID or retinal scans to identify the person attempting to open the safe.

Drop Safes

If your business requires your staff to often deposit money or papers into your safe, choose a safe with a secure drop slot. The drop safe is designed so that any designated staff member can deposit papers into the top of the safe without having the ability to open it and access its contents.

Fire-Proof Safes

Safes are referred to as having either fire resistant or fire proof protection. Often fire-resistant safes are constructed of a thinner material, which could make it easier for break-ins. At the very least, you should look for a fireproof safe with a fire rating greater and a fire-sealed door.

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