Panic Bar Installation

Panic Bar Installation

Our professional locksmiths can repair or install new push bars on your emergency exits, or entire panic doors. Call us for more information or to get a quote.

Our San Jose Locksmith team can help you install panic push bars on your office exit doors. Which will allow you to save time when exiting your office building in an emergency situation. Keeping your company safe at all times.

Convenient Door Push Bars for Your Establishment

Panic push bars or crash bars are exit devices that allow for speedy exits in an emergency escape situation in a safe and efficient way. Our locksmith teams can assist you in installing and repairing panic bars in educational facilities. As well as heavily occupied buildings such as institutions and busy workplace environments. Which must have panic bars installed for security reasons as well as legal requirements.

We Service The Following Doors:

  • Single Doors
  • Double Doors
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Glass

Many building owners and office managers avail themselves of our panic bar installation services. In order to comply with building code requirements as well as to enhance their company’s security.

Why Your Office Needs a Panic Door

Panic bars are a type of fire exit hardware. The main reason why so many of our clients call upon our panic bar installation services is due to the fact. That crash bar installation is required by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA. The regulations and requirements of panic bar installations differ drastically from building to building. And depend on several factors. The general rule with panic bar installation requirements is that if the door has a lock or latch with a pull or push feature, it does, in fact, need a crash bar.

Hazardous work environments require that panic push bars be install on them.

Examples of Precarious Spaces Include:

  • Highly electrically charged rooms where equipment is used with more than 600 volts. Or where the equipment uses less than 600 volts but uses more than 800 amps.
  • Large refrigeration rooms
  • Spaces with an incinerator, furnace, or boiler room.

There are quite a lot of different things that you would have to take into account. And installing door push bars is just the first step towards ensuring that your personnel is properly protected. This is definitely something particularly beneficial and it needs to be taken into serious consideration. It is your responsibility and, in a lot of states, legal obligation, to make sure that you have put the respective protocols in place and that you are following what the law has set forth for situations of the kind.

Panic Bars Provide A Daily Convenience

Now, if you are in the serious process of handling your own office, it is the perfect time to check whether the regulations of the state that you are in require the presence of a door of the kind or not at all. Depending on the actual size of your business, it might actually be mandate that you get one install and this is not something that you can opt out of.

Regardless of the laws, however, panic doors are an absolutely flawless idea that you should most definitely take into consideration and use to your advantage. Additionally, you should be well aware that they are a perfect part of any emergency system because they are easy to use, quick to open and particularly beneficial. The door push bars are place on doors which are going to lead you to rear exits, roofs, stairwells as well as other routes which are leading you to safety.

Our San Jose Locksmith team can help you install Panic push bars on your office exit doors which will allow you to save time when exiting your office building in an emergency situation, keeping your company safe at all times.


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