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When the whole world is adopting the green technologies vowing to make this world greener and livable. Every professional must contribute towards it. The concept of this echo friendly campaign is to promote reuse, renew and recycle. Any item which is saved from ending up in the trash can is much appreciated. When we compare it to security, the green technology is also adopted here. The locks are produce of metal and have gone through large manufacturing process. But the question is that with so much threat to security. How can we use the same lock again and again? Keys Made is the answer to this question. It is the process in which a lock is actually renew without even changing its hardware. If you are not sure about the usability of the lock and are doubtful about the presence of spare keys, here is the problem solver.

The basic process involves repositioning of cylinder and adjusting the heights according to new set of keys. But at the end of Keys Made , a substantial enhancement in security can promise. Using the same hardware is definitely green approach as it not only saves the cost of productions but also reduces the waste. The Re Key Lock is one of the most effective technique but at the same time it is very important that it must carry out by the people of the trade.

Locksmith is the service provider and has always been working towards devising economical solutions. Keys Made is one of the innovative approach towards the up gradation of the security and it is yet very affordable. The training and practice has made us exceptionally skilled in such solution and we can ensure you 100% results at the end of the service. Locksmith is always willing to Keys Made your offices and homes.

With the changed set of key and change in cylinder’s position. The old keys are simple metal pieces with no command at all. So, any of the previous tenants cannot come to your house/ apartment or office. Locksmith tailors this option to match your locks and your needs. As we always pledge to meet the budget limits, our locksmiths demonstrate skills at customized solutions. In the re-key kits which are available by the same manufacturers of locks, the new keys and cylinders are available. A single kit can do 6 Keys Made of the same type. Locksmith owns a wide range of equipment and hardware and takes them to the site, so your Keys Made can carry out right there and right then. You do not have to worry about extra purchases, when  Locksmith can take care of everything.

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