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Sliding glass doors are very convenient and add a new dimension of style to any area of your home. The beauty is the fact that they allow you to bring the glorious views of your yard into your home without the distraction of window frames or other elements.

They have come a long way from the “doors” of the past. Today’s doors are better insulat and have more stylish frames than ever. These sliding doors are a great addition to many rooms of your home. But also the problem with them is the fact that they are so hard to secure. Traditional doors have several inherent flaws that make them security risks. But a new breed of security doors let you enjoy the great convenience. And also beauty of these sorts of doors without the risk.

So what makes these doors different from traditional sliding glass doors? These doors are build in a way that prevents them from being lift from their tracks from the outside. This is one of the biggest risk points for traditional doors. Which can easily lift out of the track, even when secured with standard locking plates or bars.

Another major difference between traditional sliding doors and security sliding glass doors is the design of the frame. These security doors have frames that are assembled in such a way that they cannot be pried apart to remove the glass panel out of the frame. These newer doors do not rely on weather stripping and simple screw together frames to hold the glass panel instead they use welded frames with riveted glass detainment strips and glass panels that extend into the frame casing.

The locking mechanism on the new doors has also been rethought. Instead of restriction bars or track based wedge locks these new security sliding glass doors use full throw 2 inch dead bolts at the top and bottom, as well as retractable hook latches with real thumb turn knobs.

The biggest advantage that security sliding glass doors have over their traditional counterparts is the major change in the glass panels. While traditional sliding glass doors use single panel of unglazed glass, security sliding glass doors use multiple panels of safety glazed glass. This reduces the chances that the glass will be broken out by someone using heavy item such as a lawn chair or flower pot.

If you get interest in having the beauty of the outdoors visible from the interior of your home. But you don’t want to risk the safety of your family and possessions. Then you should looking to replacement of our traditional doors with security sliding glass doors. They are available in all sizes and a wide range of styles to fit the interior. And exterior look and feel of your home perfectly. Security sliding glass doors are an excellent choice to not only increase the value. And also security of your home but also the great looks of its inside and out.

For more information on what type of sliding glass door is right for you. Visit us and spend some time talking to the sales staff. They are usually well verse in the various aspects of the door lines they carry. And they should be able to guide you in the right direction.

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