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Did a burglar break into your house? This is a very unfortunate and upsetting situation. Break in is something that you never expect and it’s difficult to be ready for this. If that happened while you were out, the lock on your door definitely remain broken and needs repairing or replacement. After you settle all the business with the police and insurance company, it’s time to also call a locksmith to provide you lock repairs service.

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After you finish all the business with a police officer to help you find your stolen possessions after a break in, you will need to get the broken locks repairs. If the criminal was using a lock pick or something similar attempting to unlock your door, the damage is probably minimal. When the locksmith will arrive to you, they will assess the damage and determine what kind of work is necessary. With the minimal damage they will need to inspect the inside of the lock cylinder and do the repair which is necessary. Also, it may be a good idea to rekey the locks afterwards, since the pins may jam or not work properly.

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In the worst case scenario, you may need to replace a lock completely. If the lock broke when a burglar was trying to open it, it’s better to replace it. Maybe they were using some hard items on it actually trying to break it open. Then the repair may include more work. Also, the door may be damaged too. The whole area where the lock goes will need to be replaced. Replacement of the lock is also not a long process, however it is more expensive than a simple rekeying.

Sometimes, the criminals can try to gain entry through the windows. The locksmith will be also able to help you with that. Depending on what kind of windows you have, they can pick the best fitting lock for you. And also they will make sure it’s more secure than the one you had before. For the future, you may also consider installing some security items in your house. For example, a security camera, and the alarm system. All of this eliminates the chance of a break in and the criminal will think twice before getting caught on the video footage or promptly being arrested, after the alarm will go off.

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