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The holiday season is Filled with distractions whether errand Based, or fun based — and within the great number of activities that often eat our schedule in that time, we would like to make sure we can be relaxed and cozy as possible. However, with all of the insanity in our crowded routines, the opportunity for having a lock established accident like key-loss or lockout rises greatly. Lock issues are just the last thing people wish to deal with this period of year, and this explains precisely why we, the Residential and Commercial lock specialists here at San Jose Locksmith, compiled this list of steps you may take to be able to avoid having to call the local needing Locksmith this Holiday Season.

Key Routines

Lockout Locksmith are a frequent phenomenon amidst the distractions of The Holiday Season, occurring during shopping excursions or even after a holiday celebration. While receiving instant lockout assistance is as simple as creating a fast call for needing Locksmith Near Me, we know you would rather avoid having to do this altogether. So create a key routine! Attach a lanyard or even an electronic tracker key-chain to each one your keys. Make sure you have a single dedicated spot to set your keys when you are home, which you put them there as soon as you arrive. By making sure to follow your own routine frequently — this implies also having a dedicated pocket in each one of your jackets or clothes to keep your keys you can prevent the potential for lockouts.

Repair Locks that are Acting Up

Cold weather may cause, or exacerbate existing lock difficulties. We often get calls this time of year to offer key replacement or key rekeying due to difficulties with keys or outside locks. If you’ve got a lock that’s been acting outside or becoming stuck, then this is the perfect time to repair it. The continuing descent of temperatures will increase the odds you will encounter lock or key problems like broken keys or frozen locks. The best approach, instead of trying to thaw or pull your keys when this problem occurs, would be to contact a Trustworthy locksmith service ahead of time to avoid having to deal with this issue all-together.


Re-keying your lock is a fantastic idea to start this New Year, particularly in the event that you’ve often left keys with neighbors and friends over the years. It is possible these trusted individuals are not taking care of their safety and that somehow your keys have fallen to the hands of Criminals who might have made duplicates of them. This Is a Superb opportunity to Re-key your locks, a very simple operation that just changes the lock’s tumbler, giving you a completely different pair of keys and rendering present ones unusable. This provides you with key control and the reassurance in knowing that your Property is truly protected in this time of year where all of us see an Increase in house burglary. Call us Now!

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