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There are a Couple of normal household Items which are very commonly stolen, only because they weren’t secured in the first location. These things are usually overlooked from the Security Locksmith protocol protection that more typical items are given. Following is a guide from the home and Commercial safety experts at San Jose Locksmith about the 5 most frequently things that don’t get secured.


Jewelry can (and always need to!)) Be protected inside Concealed Safes, but lots of don’t take these crucial secured measures. Jewelry is often left unattended inside quite clear jewelry boxes that, while lavish, are out in the open and also the number one thing that burglars look for the first. We recommend protecting your jewelry farther by taking a jewelry insurance plan which insures the eventualities of loss or theft.

Power Tools

Power tools are quite expensive, but lack the prestige of fancy electronics. They are often left unattended, out in the open, in sheds or garages that are available from outdoors and frequently not even protected with deadbolt Locksmith Near Me! Be certain to engrave all of your power tools along with your house number and name, or mark them thusly having an ultraviolet pen, to make it easier for them to be identified as discharged if a burglar attempts to resell them. For a first step, however, protected all sheds and garages with Powerful locks, and lock your pricey power tools at a larger storage container.


Burglars have begun stealing medication, as it can easily be re-sold on the black market. Pain medication is of special significance as a target for thieves, not to mention their own immense danger when they fall to the hands of little children. Medicine cabinets should be inaccessible to small kids, and protected from the prying hands of possible thieves.

Password Information

We don’t recommend writing down your passwords or credit card/ banking information, as this inherently makes your information insecure in the eventuality that a (highly targeted) burglar finds it inside your home. If you must store a document with all of your passwords protected, make sure it’s locked in a high quality and secure safe (if it’s a physical document) or that it’s hidden behind an encrypted or password protected file folder if it’s digital information.


Make Certain to protect important and private documents like Birth certificates, tax returns, contracts, passports, or any other valuable And identity sensitive details. All these documents need to be shielded inside fire-proof safes. If you find that you no longer need any of these Files, make certain that you shred them, because there are completely information Thieves out there which sort through garbage in the hopes of collecting this Sensitive information to their own unlawful advantage.


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