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Security is important in regards to your small business. The Age-old lock and key has always been able to maintain those you do not want out – and those you do need, in (and safe). Though, as your company has altered, so has safety. Happily the good ‘old fashioned lock and key strategy has been given several updates that apply to a host of company requirements. Unsure which one is ideal for your small business? Read below to learn which three keyless entry locks we urge as one of the top commercial locksmiths in San Jose.

1. Electronic Keyless Lock 

This product’s most important purpose includes entry with standard SC1 Keyway override choices, complete with keypad and proximity card access. This lock is ideal for condos and flats where tenants are going in and outside of the building.

 2. Samsung Digital Door Lock

Update your safety and also the look of your business with this Samsung Digital Door lock. This item lets you program up to 31 different users and produce up to 31 RFID tags. The digital camera keypad, push to input – pull to depart work and automatic locking with the mortise sensor makes it easy to use but difficult to split. The mortise sensor requires some slight door/door frame modification, but is more durable than the common cylindrical deadbolt. Its electronic locking function allows getting a faster open and closes with the additional safety of a latch feature.

This lock is Ideal for businesses like retail, Restaurants, resorts, high-security companies and much more. This lock has been rigorously tested, demonstrating to be dispersed proof, PSB fire tested and equipped with random security code attribute, an intrusion alert, a fire detection detector and an anti-tampering lock out feature. San Jose is known as a quality commercial locksmith at San Jose and works with many different businesses, both big and little. Just like this lock, we’ve got your back.

3. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock 

The motherload of keyless security, this 5-in-1 Bluetooth enabled lock allows for keyless entry through fingerprint recognition, numeric code activated, smartphone control, knock/shake to open and mechanical key.

The smartphone controller uses Bluetooth technology for both iOS and Android users. You may even see different users that have access, monitor log recording and clone capacities. The Ultraloq fingerprint display offers innovative technology which defines around 95 fingerprints and at less than 0.5 seconds. The numerical touchscreen allows 4-8 digit codes and will hold up tp 95 unique passwords. The hidden key, situation on the bottom, along with its waterproof and dustproof Zinc Alloy body, makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor positioning.

Whether you are going for classic and durable or sleek and Solid, San Jose Locksmith can allow you to set up the compose Keyless Entry Locks to strengthen your San Jose business’s security now.

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