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Have your car keys been stuck in the ignition when in a hurry? Why Is My Car Key Stuck In The Ignition? I bet it’s very stressful. You can’t leave the keys in the ignition as there is a great risk that someone can steal your car. If this happens to you next time, you shouldn’t worry. Here are some of the things that you can do to remove the stuck key:

Check The Position Of The Key

Many people make the mistake of turning the key too far in the “off position” which gets it stuck. Before you do anything you should ensure that the key is in the correct “off position.” Always remember that if you are able to play the radio the key is in the wrong position. If you have an automatic car, you should ensure that it’s in the “park” position.

Wiggle The Steering Wheel

If the key is in the correct position and the car is in the park position, you should wiggle the steering wheel back and forth while trying to pull the key out. When doing this you should ensure that you are gentle in order to avoid breaking the ignition.

Jack Up The Front Of The Car

The aim of this is to take the weight of the car off the front wheels. Jacking up also gives the steering column more room to move. While the car is still jacked up you should wiggle the steering wheel and try to pull the key out.

Use A Bobby Pin

If you have tried the above options and none works, you should use a bobby pin to remove the small cap that covers the access port of the ignition lock.

Use Ice

The idea behind using ice is to get the key to contract. You should fill a zip-type sandwich bag half full with ice. If the cubes are too large, you should crush them. You should then wrap the bag around the head of the key then wait for few minutes. After this you should try to wiggle the key out.


These are some of the ways of removing a key that has stuck in the ignition. If you have tried all of the options and the key is still stuck you should consider getting the help of a professional. The good side is that there are locksmiths everywhere. For fast response you should find a professional who is within your area.

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