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Let’s start by defining Master Key Systems. They can get very large with many tiers. Let’s say that you have 10 doors that you want to put on a master system. Doors 1-4 all operate with the same key, doors 5-8 operate with a different key and door 9-10 operate with a third key. The door user keys can only operate their individual doors. For example, the key that operates doors 1-4 can only operate those doors and not the others. The Master Key Systems can operate all 10 doors. These systems can get very large and very complicated. The systems must be design before the locks are pin and the keys cut. If a particular door needs to get put on another level, that door lock must be re-pinned and new keys cut.

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With an electronic master system electronic locks are use. The master systems must be plan before the locks are deploy; yet, if changes need to be make it is very easy make them. Electronic systems can grow much larger than similar mechanical systems.

We are talking about master systems used for office buildings, hospitals and businesses. There are two types of electronic door locks: wired and wireless. With a wired door lock, power is supply to the lock by the wired connection. Communication also takes place through the hard wire. With wireless door locks the power to operate the lock is usually supplied through the key. This is where communication also takes place. With a wired system the lock can be change and moved to a different level on the Master Key Systems almost immediately. This happens through the control computer and software.
With a wireless system the communication currently takes place through the key. The key must be return to the control computer where new programming will take place. These types of locks are use on smaller master systems. A Wi-Fi door lock communicates through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With Wi-Fi, the communication and master system changes will operate much like the wired system.

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The future is electronic or biometric locks all controlled by software capable of very large master systems. To make all these electronic locks work together the manufacturers. Must come up with a system that will operate all locks from any lock manufacturer. The Law of Attraction has been in the news recently as a “new” concept. By which we as people can achieve anything we want in life.

It’s something like, “As you think, so will you be.” In short, what the Law of Attraction teaches, is that we attract every experience into our lives. Through our energy and our attention, and by shifting our focus. We can shift the things that come into our lives so that they are the things we want instead of those we don’t.
It’s helpful, first of all, to gain a good understanding of the Master Key System, before you attempt to use it. Because it is so powerful, of course you only want to use it to create beneficial, good things for yourself. Because the Law of Attraction brings everything to us. it’s useful to first understand the power your mind has and then to learn to control it. So that only good things come into your life because of it.

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