Dorm Room Security

College is an environment where Lots of young adults get their First taste of freedom, which is thrilling and deflecting. However, college students shouldn’t let those distractions stop them from paying attention to the security. That’s essential to maintain their precious possessions protected. Here are some important tips for dorm room security, as prepared by the Security Locksmith experts here in San Jose Locksmith.

Lock Boxes

Attempt to purchase a Secure Lock or lock box to keep inside your dorm room security. Otherwise we advocate utilizing special locking cabinets or lockers (though these may cost marginally more.) The most important thing would be to include as many layers of protection possible to protect your valuables.

Always Lock Doors And Windows

Make sure to keep your Dorm locked whenever you leave it. Even just to go to the bathroom if it’s outside of your dorm. It’s essential that you also lock your dorm windows, as this provides an easy entrance way for many thieves as well.

Pay Attention To Fire Risks

Make sure that you don’t leave hair dryers hair Pumps, curling irons, or other apparatus that generate heat plugged. When they are not in use. Leaving these apparatus unattended is incredibly risky and can make a fire quickly.


Consider taking out insurance, or asking your parents to place you on their current homeowner’s insurance policy. The premiums will change based on how much protection Locksmith Near Me you desire, but this is an Excellent Locksmith option because it can help you get the value back of any items that are stolen.

Keep A Belongings Inventory

It may be worthwhile to maintain a list of your valuable Belongings, as well as maintaining a list of the serial numbers of your electronic equipment, since this may increase the probability of you recovering them if they are stole. We recommend placing color stickers on your electronics. So this manner if you see them in a random person’s belonging in the library, then you can confirm that they are truly your possessions.

Always Put Away Your Expensive Items

Make sure to always put your valuables out of sight each Time you leave your dorm. It is vital that you don’t broadcast your expensive electronics to every single person that walks by your dorm.

Don’t Publish Your Schedule On Social Media

It is important not to let strangers know that you will be Away out of the dormitory for an elongate amount of time. You’d be surprise how Many individuals actually publish their class schedule too. While this may Seem like a fantastic idea to create new friends and synchronize programs, it presents a Major security risk for several of the strangers that abruptly understand when your valuables will be un-attended. DON’T DO IT!

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